About Us

Three Young Entrepreneurs Chasing Their Dreams

If you're going to chase your dreams then you might as well dream big.

We majored in entrepreneurship at SDSU because we each knew we wanted to become one, but never knew what kind of business we wanted to start.

It sounds funny, but we take so much pride in the idea of making a living out of selling blankets. Honestly, what's more fun than a business centered around custom blankets with foot pockets!

The goal is to reach a point where Bomfy, becomes our full time careers. We don't know whether that takes place when we're $20k a year or $20 mil, all that matters is that we've started something that one day we'll hopefully get to spend our entire days working on and loving what we do.

The important thing right now is that we've taken the leap and started something real, now it's just about sticking with it until we've built an empire of comfiness!