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Why Your Average Blanket Just Won't Cut It

Why Your Average Blanket Just Won't Cut It

Basic blankets are for basic birds, and let me tell you this... nobody likes a basic bird.

The Bomfy B. is your new go to plush blanket. Let me tell you why.

The Bomfy B. has a FOOTPOCKET!! There are benefits to having warm feet, and there is science to back it up. I wouldn't lie, and I am telling you, the Bomfy Blanket will change your life! You don’t need ranch on your pizza, but it makes it so much better. The Bomfy B. is the same in that the footpocket will change your entire outlook on what a blanket should consist of. The Bomfy is inconceivably soft, super sleek, and desirably simple. Oh, and all the cool kids have one. Guess what? You deserve the best, and Bomfy is best. It is the ultimate blanket experience.

Cons of a regular blanket:

  • Your feet are vulnerable to exposure
  • You can never tell where the front of the blanket is, which means one day your mouth is touching the same fabric your Dad’s nasty feet were when he borrowed your living room blanket.
  • You can never tell which side of the blanket is the length or width. Often times you are twisting the blanket around like a sign spinner on the corner of Main Street in order to decipher what part of the blanket is longer.
  • It’s just like every other blanket out there.
  • The blanket you have now is outdated. It’s time to get something trendy.

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Arman Hamidi on

Never thought I’d say this about a blanket, but this is revolutionary. in love with my MVP blanket and gonna get four more before Christmas! I hushed bebe and now I have a crush on the plush bebe.

Tami on

Love this!
I’ll take one!

Shaun Collins on

Hmm.. okay okay!!

Leah Dispacci on

Can’t believe this was never a thing before. Plushy blanket with a FOOT POCKET???? I need 5 for Christmas!!!!

Anna Lisa Salerno on

Tried out a Bomfy B. at a marketing conference once and it was the best thing ever! My feet were all tucked and cuddled up. I can never see myself using a basic blanket again

Some bebe on

Now this is a bebe blanket, I need one ASAP!

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