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Top 5 Budget Friendly Holiday Gifts of 2018

Top 5 Budget Friendly Holiday Gifts of 2018

It’s that time of year again when the weather gets cold, the lights go up on the tree and songs of peace and joy play on every station. As kids, we couldn’t wait for December 25th to roll around as we knew our stocking would be stuffed full of gifts and our pockets full of cash.

As adults, we are on the other end of the barrier, responsible for buying thoughtful and meaningful gifts for loved ones and it’s about as good for our mental health as having the sun go down at 4:30 pm in the afternoon.

That’s why this year we decided to put together a list of our Top 5 AWESOME AFFORDABLE CHRISTMAS GIFTS!

No 5. A Meaningful Book

The first gift idea on our list is simple and as old as history....a book! The beauty behind getting someone a book is that they’re budget-friendly, but you can get one that is especially meaningful to the person receiving it.

No 4. A Useful Accessory

Now we know this might not seem like the most creative gift idea, but maybe you know a runner who doesn’t have an arm sleeve to hold their phone or someone with a new car that still needs the perfect bumper sticker. Simple accessories can be easily affordable gifts that still have some thoughtfulness behind them!

No 3. A Fun Board Game

We really don’t feel like this one needs much explaining because everyone loves playing games, right? The best part is there is always a new popular game that everyone is dying to play. After everyone has opened their gifts they can all play together and you’ll be the hero of the party!

No 2. A Handmade Gift

Making something by hand is going to take more time and effort, but it gives you complete creative control and the option to have as big or small of a budget as you want. Whether it’s a DIY planter or a handmade painting, if you take the time to plan something out and do it right, it’s likely to be a hit!

No 1. A Bomfy Blanket

Now it’s our turn to shine. One way to guarantee you’ll be giving someone an awesome gift they won’t expect is to get them an ultra plush blanket with a foot pocket! It’s the perfect gift for this time of year and we know for a fact that your loved ones will be using it to cure their cold feet while they sit by the fire.

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