The Cure for One of Your Biggest Childhood Fears

The Cure for One of Your Biggest Childhood Fears

Everyone remembers the childhood fear of having something grab your foot in the dead of night if you let it hang outside the impenetrable fortress that is you blanket. Sweat forming on your little face as you overheated under your covers, debating on whether or not it was worth risking your life to let your foot beach the barrier for just a few minutes to cool off a bit.

What if there had been a solution? What if there had been a blanket that kept you warm without causing you to overheat AND protected your feet from things that go bump in the night! Well now that blanket actually exists and it’s called the Bomfy B!

Our thin, but incredibly soft coral fleece blankets with foot pockets keep your heat within your body because your feet are always covered. However, you are not smothered in layer upon layer of thick sheets and covers so the rest of your body is able to cool off before you get too hot.

The most interesting thing about this is that the comfort, both physical and psychological, that you get from a blanket has been proven scientifically. For one, your body’s core temperature drops before and during your slumber, so you need the blanket to stop your shivers. That nightly cool down begins about an hour before you hit the hay and continues to drop while you sleep, eventually reaching one or two degrees below your average body temperature.

But once you reach the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep cycle, your body loses its ability to regulate its temperature. Your blanket is around to keep you warm and reduce your anxiety. So perhaps your fear of being grabbed as a child wasn’t so irrational after all…but it’s not monsters you had to worry about once you fell asleep. It’s the cold nipping at your toes once your body stops regulating your temperature!

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