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Feet Keep Us Warm

WARNING: It's about to get scientific in this bish. Our feet have a big impact on our body temperature and an even bigger impact on our sleep. That's because our feet have a large surface area and specialized blood vessels which can be opened up to pass high volumes of blood through them and therefore offload heat quickly when required. WOW. This, coupled with the fact that the feet are at the end of our limbs and don't have much muscle (which produces heat) means that they cool down much more than other regions of the body. And guess what...just putting on socks won't warm your feet up immediately. That's the beauty of the Bomfy B! The foot pocket keeps your...

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Why Your Average Blanket Just Won't Cut It

Basic blankets are for basic birds, and let me tell you this... nobody likes a basic bird. The Bomfy B. is your new go to plush blanket. Let me tell you why. The Bomfy B. has a FOOTPOCKET!! There are benefits to having warm feet, and there is science to back it up. I wouldn't lie, and I am telling you, the Bomfy Blanket will change your life! You don’t need ranch on your pizza, but it makes it so much better. The Bomfy B. is the same in that the footpocket will change your entire outlook on what a blanket should consist of. The Bomfy is inconceivably soft, super sleek, and desirably simple. Oh, and all the cool kids...

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