Tag Along with your Bomfy B!

Tag Along with your Bomfy B!

Tag along with your Bomfy B

Wait for the day when you do get your hands on a Bomfy B. ultra-plush blanket. Believe us as within days it will become your best friend and you’d be taking it everywhere you go. We’re actually not joking, as the comfort and the friendliness it provides is even better than a friend’s hug. Bomfy B. is the product that will change how you live your life and it is about to be changed forever! The following are three ways through which you can use Bomfy B. and rediscover the meaning of having fun:

  1.     Netflix and Bomfy B:

Netflix and Bomfy B. are a match made in heaven! The experience of watching your favorite TV show or movie is mesmerizing with a Bomfy B. as it redefines what chilling is all about. Grab some snacks and just Netflix and Bomfy B!

  1.     Traveling:

From time to time we all have to travel. Maybe we’re going on a business trip or simply it is time to take that trip that you’ve always dreamt about. Take the entire experience of traveling in a Bomfy B., especially when it’s a long road trip. Tuck yourself in the warmth and friendliness of a Bomfy B. and take your traveling experience to an entirely new level of awesomeness.

  1.     By the Fire:

If you’re camping out and someone is getting that barbecue ready. It is always wise to be in a Bomfy B. as the woods can get chilly at times. The soothing effect a Bomfy B. will produce is unlike anything else in the world especially if you’re out camping. Try spending a night near a fire with all your friends and falling asleep while reminiscing the times that you’ve spent with each other.

Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself!  Two sizes and colors to choose from :)


Bomfy B.’s ultra plush blanket and foot pocket can be with you wherever you go. As it truly is your best friend.

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