Read a Book with Bomfy B.

Read a Book with Bomfy B.

Are you a reader? If yes, then the answer to finishing a book in one sitting is Bomfy B’s Ultra Plush blanket and ultra-plush foot pocket. Anyone can read a book but finishing it off does require an environment which is comfortable and where you can just concentrate. It might be a thrilling novel or a book on science, the matter of fact is that you need a place to sit and be comfortable enough to actually read the book with concentration.

Keillor Garrison once famously said, “A book is a gift you can open again and again”. Which is true because it really is a gift as it gives you the choice to read it whenever you like and wherever you want. Bomfy B’s slogan, Go TUCK yourself might sound funny to you but it actually is quite meaningful. By tucking yourself in you’d be able to do what you love in the most luxurious and comfortable way. Like if you’re into reading then we suggest to go TUCK yourself as you’re about to have an amazing reading experience.

If reading a book is a gift, then imagine reading a book in Bomfy B’s ultra-plush blanket and ultra-plush foot pocket. It is HEAVEN! Book readers know the dilemma that once you start reading a book and when you’re hooked on to it, you would want to complete it in a single setting. But the problem is that we get tired sitting in the same place and same position. The worst part is that after some time our body gets tired and we look for some other place to sit. This is the basic reason we stop reading a book suddenly as humans we get tired.

Now imagine the same situation, you’re hooked on to your favourite book and you’re tucked in the warmest and cosiest ultra-plush blanket. Even your feet are in a state of Euphoria and are feeling sublime and to top it off you’re drinking coffee while reading a book. See that? Well, the truth is that Bomfy B loves a reader and wouldn’t mind you reading your favourite book in a single sitting.

So, what are you even waiting for? Go TUCK yourself and read!

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