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New Year Feels: How to Deal with This Upcoming Year

New Year Feels: How to Deal with This Upcoming Year

As 2018 fades to a close, we experience mixed emotions about entering the new year. Excitement and motivation for our new year goals, and anxiety because of the unknown that lies waiting in 2019. Think of the new year as the ideal time to refresh your methods for experiencing emotional turmoil and celebrating successes! This article will cover the two sides of the coin, or as we see them in the new year, the experience of our ‘good days’ and our ‘bad days’. After all, a year is simply encompassed of days. Each day matters as it is thrown into the 2019 caldron of days and experiences. As humans, we are full of emotion.

Despite where your head and heart are currently at, we know the inevitable: 2019 will bring days of abundance and blessings, and days not-so-abundant or full of blessings. Some days we will be riding the hide tide, on top of the world. Others, we will want to hide from the world under our covers. Continue reading as we reveal these emotions connect us all, how to ‘better’ experience life by dealing with, accepting and releasing emotions. We’ll also touch on how your Bomfy B. serves as a friendly shoulder to lean on, security blanket to combat the struggles and your everlasting pillar of support and encouragement through your celebrations.

With that being said, let’s wrap up 2018 and jumpstart the new year by visualizing our happiness, our goals’ manifestations and the ways we’ll sift our way through the rough roller coaster emotions in the new year can bring.

Fear. Anxiety. Stress. Disappointment. Anger. Sadness.
We all experience these emotions, triggered and caused by various differentiating factors and pressures. Dark feelings, like the weight of the world is making you sink down, your surroundings crashing before your eyes. It steals your breath from you. That choked up, heavy feeling that arises from your core, poisoning your senses, grit, reliance, and faith. The panic starts to set in; regardless of the who or what erupted this feeling inside of you, the difficulty of going through your day has risen exponentially. Anxiety and feelings of discomfort make us feel itchy in our own skin. They can be caused by several things: a painful breakup, death of a loved one, stress at school or work, or our own perilous, overanalyzing minds.

Most of the times we feel like this, all we want to do is extract it by isolating ourselves and finding comfort in our “something.” But our “something “that we use as an escape mechanism doesn’t exactly heal the root of the problem. Try something new in 2019. When that first strike of anger, the pang of anxiety, or shadow of sadness overwhelms you, take a moment to step back; let your immediate action be to pause and breathe. These few seconds are precious, as they set the stage for how the rest of your day will go. Will it be a good day or a bad one?  

What helps me the most in these times of intense fear and peril, where I feel like I have no one to depend on, there is nowhere to turn, and I’m all alone – I wrap myself up all nice and tucked in my Bomfy and hide from the world for a few minutes. It’s during this time, hidden from all pressures in my Bomfy, that I allow myself to experience everything I am feeling. I allow myself to feel and observe my emotions and  B R E A T H E.

The Bomfy provides the perfect private hideout for me to let the weight of the world slide off my shoulders. I wrap myself up like a burrito and conduct my breathing exercises. The Bomfy serves as my own personal little fort that gives me a sense of comfort and place of peace. It’s where I’m able to come to terms with my struggles, face them head on, breathe, and gracefully release them, liberating my soul and heart.

Love. Joy. Security. Faith. Confidence. Abundance.
This is your year. The year you grow into the person you are destined to become. The year money will be up and finances won’t be such a burden. A year for abundance, hard work, and dreams to take form. You wrote down all of your New Year’s resolutions and are making them happen! You took that leap of faith of starting your own business and now you are your own boss. You’ve finally begun to see that work in the gym paying off. You got your diet (lifestyle) on point and are spending more time with family and friends, creating new memories every single day.

Throughout all the happiness and success, you’re enjoying, throughout all the blessings, rewards of hard works and deserving relaxation, you have that sense of security that never leaves your side. One witness to all your grinding nights of hard work and struggle, one witness of that work manifesting your goals, one witness to your deserved kick-back time that has been there along the way – your Bomfy. A Bomfy is your friend, your companion through 2019 and all the days it will bring.
Think back on when you were a child, playful, brave, unstoppable, adventurous and in bliss by everything around you. Perhaps you carried a toy, stuffed animal, or a blanket with you at all times to give yourself a sense of security. Perhaps you had a little imaginary friend or a buddy that you had a deep connection with and held close to your heart.

Now as adults, we don’t want to lose that magic we had as children. That’s why whether you’re having a good day or a bad day in 2019, think of your Bomfy blanket as just that - your companion, a cheerleader and witness to your struggles and rewards. Bomfy will be there to cradle you and provide a safe place in those dark moments and be the perfect gift of relaxation and peace to yourself, once all the hard work is done.

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